About The Project

In fall 2012 I worked with Natalie Chaput’s students in a spanish class at Woodstock Union High School in Vermont.  I taught the basics of documentary filmmaking and then helped each student produce a short film about their lives.  Their films included a look at family history, a portrayal of their present life, and a reflection on their hopes for the future.  They accomplished all of this in spanish.

In January 2013 I visited Nicaragua with Lindsay McClure to work with students in a small fishing village on the Pacific coast, El Transito.  We hosted daily filmmaking workshops for one month, where each student designed, shot and edited their own short documentary about their community and their life growing up in Nicaragua.  We were hosted by El Transito Centro de Artes.

The resulting exchange of films is published here for all to see.  The Vermont students will soon watch the Nicaraguan films and respond with video questions for the students; then the Nicaraguan students will answer, either as a written comment on this site or through another video.

The process of making short, personal films reveals both the individuality of the filmmaker and the culture in which they live.  Exchanging these stories internationally is an amazing way to learn about another culture from the fresh perspectives of young people.  We have done several of these projects, and each one is uniquely amazing.

Thank you for your interest in our project,

Scott Miller
Lindsay McClure